Around The Mouth


Our lips are very important in how we express ourselves. As we get older the Vermillion Border (the border between the lips and the surrounding skin) becomes less distinct. The lips also tend to shrink, producing a contraction of the mouth which causes vertical lines and wrinkles both on the lips themselves and away from the lip border into the surrounding skin.

There is a hidden anatomical channel under the skin along the Vermillion Border. By injecting a specially formulated filler called Restylane Lipp into this channel we can re-establish the border, and also widen the mouth so that the lines and wrinkles will lessen or disappear. Because of its special formulation Restylane Lipp lasts longer than other Restylane products and is well worth the slightly increased cost. We can also add more body to the lips themselves. 

Dermaroller Therapy also works well as part of general treatment of the whole face by toning and tightening the skin around the lips by promoting the natural production of collagen. 


Marionette Lines (vertical folds descending from the corners of the mouth) are easily filled too, and if the edges of the mouth are down-turned, giving the appearance that you are scowling when you aren't, then we can treat these with Botulinum.