Hands & Decolletage

We use the Dermaroller treatment to stimulate natural Collagen production and the fillers Radiesse and Restylane to add body and rehydrate the skin.

The Dermaroller treatment builds up its effects over approximately 4-6 weeks, and and can be repeated, depending on the levels of change required. However you will see an improvement with only one treatment. You can combine the treatment of your hands and decolletage with your face and neck at the same appointment. After the initial course of treatment, you should only need further treatments occasionally - about every 12-18 months.

Radiesse is the filler of choice for the backs of the hands, and generally requires only one treatment. Restylane Vital is better for the decolletage, adding a gentle increase in volume, and is best given as a course of treatments.


The skin on the backs of your hands can be a give-away, making you look older than you really are. With age the skin begins to lose its body and starts to look thin and wrinkly as the bones and tendons show through. If you have spent a lot of time and energy keeping your face fresh and young it is easy to forget that the effect is spoilt by your hands.

Treatment of Hands with Radiesse

The best treatments to use are Radiesse and Dermaroller. Radiesse is best given first and adds immediate volume to the sub-dermal layers. The Dermaroller treatment can then be performed to add body and tone to the skin itself, either immediately or after a delay if you want to assess the effects of the Radiesse alone. They work excellently together to make your hands look years younger.

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The wrinkles of the décolletage are best treated with Dermaroller, followed by Restylane Vital if required. The Dermaroller treatment will tighten the skin to reduce the wrinkles, and also add body by stimulating the cells in the skin that produce new collagen, while the Restylane Vital will add further body.